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Guided Tour of the Pathway Logic Model of Mycobacterial Mycolic Acid ...

An alternative to the above method for cyanopyridine synthesis is ...

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Floxin (Ofloxacin) Drug Information: Uses,. Ethionamide is used for treating tuberculosis. imuran-mechanism-of-action.

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Ethionamide (ETA) is an. the same final metabolite upon productive activation of the drug further substantiates this common mechanism. Despite this.

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Ethionamide Mode Of Action . 13 Jun 2005 Mechanism of action ...

Mechanism of action• Ethionamide upon oxidation with catalase-peroxidase is converted to an active acylatingagent, ethionamide sulfoxide,.

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OBAT ANTI TBERKULOSIS DAN. even when the drug is present in enormous concentrations. mechanism of isoniazid. Ethionamide inhibits mycobacterial.

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